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Entries from October 2005

San Francisco Bouncing Ball Commercial

October 28th, 2005 · No Comments

A couple months ago, somebody posted some photos on Flickr about their street being closed off for a commercial that featured thousands of colored balls boucing down a hilly San Francisco street. Now the commercial is out and it looks very cool. It’s a European commercial for a Sony TV called BRAVIA . And now I’m obsessed with the music on the commercial. A cover of Heartbeats by The Knife, by Jose Gonzalez.

The commercial…

October 2011 update:
Listen to Jose Gonzales – Hearbeats on Spotify

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The Corporate Name Game

October 27th, 2005 · No Comments

Just when I was getting used to the name of SBC Park (formerly Pacific Bell Park), they announced today that they will be changing the name to AT&T. When will it end???

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De Young Museum Detail

October 25th, 2005 · No Comments

Here’s a close-up view of the new De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. The full-sized version of this makes for a pretty good 1200×1024 desktop wallpaper.

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Land’s End Surfer #2

October 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

Another shot of a surfer at Land’s End


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Manhattan Beach

October 22nd, 2005 · No Comments

A few weeks ago in Manhattan Beach…


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