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San Quentin Screws Up

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

This story infuriates me. Back in May, officials at San Quentin released a “high control” inmate two days early in the wrong area (San Rafael instead of Southern California) and without any meeting with his parole officer. He took a bus to San Francisco and ended up a few blocks from where I live, where he proceeded to brutally stab a 15-year-old girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also severely injured one of three good Samaritans who came to her aid. Luckily, the three men were able to apprehend the attacker and he was arrested. The girl surely would have died if these men hadn’t gotten involved. Today, the California inspector general issued a report saying that the officials at San Quentin failed to follow several policies, resulting in this tragic event. Whenever I hear about this story I can’t stop thinking about how easily that could have been me or my wife getting in this guy’s path and suffering the brutal attack. I am also grateful that I have neighbors who put their own lives at risk to help someone who they don’t even know.

KTVU has video of the Police Commission recognizing the three heroes who helped the girl and an update on the girl’s recovery. According to this article that appeared in the Chronicle last month, the family of the 15-year-old is considering a lawsuit against the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

3/28/2008 Update:
The family is now suing the state of California.

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Gmail IMAP for the iPhone (video)

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

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links for 2007-10-31

October 31st, 2007 · No Comments

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Tracking the quake on Twitter – part 3

October 30th, 2007 · No Comments

The information flow on Twitter is slowing down. Here’s the last part of the transcript. I think I missed some between parts 2 and 3.

Earlier transcripts: Part 1, Part 2.

(ChristianDeVera): 5.6 earthquake wasn’t a big deal. i didnt even feel it, maybe coz i was watching Spiderman 3
(DYbarra): just had an earthquake here — my 1st. i didn’t really feel it but saw some items in my house swaying. hope the big one doesn’t hit tonight.
(GlennF): I don’t follow enough people on Twitter to have figured out there was a quake until 9.54 pm
(patrickf23): earthquake! i was in an elevator! whew!
(jay_ramos): mmmmm…. earthquake….
(flips): Didn’t feel the earthquake, although my roommate did
(fernfern): was holding a bunch of cilantro when earthquake started…the cilantro felt it too…not me alone…dizzy a bit…
(amyjokim): reading about the Bay Area quake, sending happy thoughts to our many Bay Area friends
(artisan949): @jaydedman congrats on the earth quake survival man. did you duck and cover?
(CreativeSage): Glad we weren’t carving pumpkins when the earthquake hit—shaky sharp knives and lots of pulp spewing all over the place![nose wink]
(mmayo): Didn’t feel the earthquake at all. Weird.
Sent at 9:58 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (hirodusk): 5.8 earthquake, and one of the people in my office asks “Is that a train passing by?”
(abie): quake was totally mild and unscary up on the hill here
(noor): i totally didn’t feel the earthquake – maybe because I was at the gym?
(zittrain): My first earthquake!
(rangercraig): So, you missed your first earthquake… @NickStarr
Sent at 10:01 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (NaokiHIYAMA): Earthquake Shaked me. size was M5.6.not so strong,no tunami,no damage.but TV changed programe and broadcasting breakingnews…..
(rangercraig): @NickStarr So, you missed your first earthquake…
(deebeedee): @clickmomukhamo Hehe, that’s what Twitter’s for! (but I don’t know what I’d do if the quake was any stronger)
(Jenguin): Trying to finish making cupcakes… since the first batch was damaged because of the earthquake!
(nicolelee): Disturbed that @sfquake reported the quake more than an hour after it happened! I’m un-following you, buddy.
(s4xton): Holy crap, this photo makes the earthquake look devastating: ( via
(dialect): “I was eating oysters, and when the oysters started moving, I knew something was wrong.” — Man on the street interview about the earthquake
(gwachob): #earthquake on calaveras fault line
(gwachob): #earthquake on calaveras fault line – hayward is the one we have to worry about
(CraigFaulk): Nice little quake here in the bay area 5.6 magnitude around 8:04pm – Epicenter Alum Rock (Near San Jose)
(mim): Earthquake earlier felt like vibrating bed
(dannysullivan): and how did i not feel that quake here at SFO? weird (and sad, i missed a quake!)
(dsearls): Hard for a geology freak like me not to write aboiut the quake:
(kitchen): ok, so there’s a 5.6 earthquake in SF area, right. kcal9 thinks some stupid cheerleader getting runover by a football team is better news.
(Ryanne): 5.4 quake, first one that we felt since moving here…shouldn’t say it, but man it was cool!
(scottpargett): Another earthquake just hit. Always a sharp reminder of where I live.
(edithfrost): There was an earthquake? I didn’t feel anything here in Albany…
(booboolina): @jimhutchison: I’m ok, sounds like everyone else is ok too. it was just a rockin’ and a rollin’ quake. thanks!
(jbergen): I wait for an earthquake for four years and as soon as I leave, one happens. Where’s the justice?
(brianleroux): @andrecharland two words for ya: iphone sdk
(CoyotePace): @Chrysocolla — Sal felt the quake too, over in Fremont.
(joshleejosh): my first bay area earthquake, and I didn’t even feel it. I need to pay better attention.
(sugamjain): Quake!
loiclemeur: Seesmic day 21 is up Seesmic day 21: Where is Loic?
(cariberry): 5.6 earthquake in San Jose
(GGJeffy): 5.6 quake…bruised my hand and jammed shoulder bracing in doorway from house moving to and fro.
(kesava): ppl, plz hold ur earthquake tweets till I come back from dinner. [grin]
(stony): @AndreCharland I never realized crack heads were so quick.
(danakin): Hoping that the CA folks are alright and aren’t affected by the earthquake
(beach): shoulda hit twitter sooner about the quake… duh. felt much smaller than a 5.6 here in santa cruz… yawn.
(Ryanne): tracking the quake on twitter
(mailien): Still a little queezy from the earthquake…
Sent at 10:12 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (stevenf): Can we all agree not refer to the earthquake as a “temblor”
(BigReg): Phil Eugenio is right on the money it was a 5.7 quake.
(markdotto): Holy crap! I was sleeping, but woke up to feel that earthquake, but feel back to sleep. My mom emailed me to see if I was OK. E-mail? Thx Ma
Sent at 10:14 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (kurrik): EARTHQUAKE STATUS UPDATE – BBQ Sauce, Relish untouched, Tabasco Chipotle and Mayonnaise DOWN! OH, THE HUMANITY
(stevenf): Can we all agree not to refer to the earthquake as a “temblor”
Sent at 10:16 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (ses5909): so I get my news from twitter that there was an earthquake. I was sleeping though, I have an excuse
(sneakeryip): Someone just whispered to me that there was a quake but where was the shakes?
(yndygo): Sending good thoughts to all my earthquake suffering friends in the bay area, may the damage be minimal if any… 5.6? Good one you guys!!
Sent at 10:18 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (dalmaer): sitting through his first earthquake without apparantely noticing it.
(dingostewart): Called my daughter Erin in the Bay Area. She said she didn’t even feel the quake. I hope all my friends are fine–and happy it wasn’t l …
Sent at 10:19 PM on Tuesday
twitter: (dingostewart): I’m happy the quake in the Bay Area wasn’t like the Loma Linda quake of 1989! Was there, & didn’t like it one bit!

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Tracking the quake on Twitter – part 2

October 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

The information is continuing to flow on Twitter. Here are more tweets from the Alum Rock quake. Part 1 of this transcript is here and Part 3 is here.

(bethanye): damn – missed the quake. maybe when i was on the ferry.
(PelleB): That quake was 5.6 yikes
(jdischler): Back for 2 days and already an earthquake!
(dveale): ok…that was a really scary damn big WHOLE house shook. one cat still in hiding…not on news yet but that was big [nose sad]
(servantofchaos): Waiting to see how long it takes for MSM to report the calif earthquake
(chrisconnolly): 5.6 Earthquake. We felt it pretty damn strong here. Strongest since I’ve been in California.
(speakofthedevil): I just told a girl today that my dog has been an asshole and that we were probably going to have an earthquake. I have powerful Ju ju.
(kevinchu): 5.6 Quake, about 10 miles away (east san jose)
(ryanblock): Wow, that quake was 5.6 out in Alum Rock!
(archphoenix): Uhm, earthquake!
(alangutierrez): Waiting for CNN to have something about the earthquake. Please more Tweets.
(rizzn): I love twitter. Already learning details of the quake.
(angeSF): Earthquake
(rabbitroodle): Earthquake was 5.6 and centered a couple miles away from here!
(depa): Yup, felt the quake. Think it was near San Jose. prelim magnitude 5.6
(trascendenza): Sooo… that was an earthquake! (Only minor shaking, in my area.)
(conformer): Earthquake!
(pjhyett): having a desk that just sits on sawhorses made for an exciting ride with that quake
Veronica: 5.6
(bobspace): Tiny earthquake in south SF. Anyone else feel that?
(robertgoldberg): big earthquake in bay area looks like it was centered near milpitas according to usgs and a 5.6
(mikemiller): Jinkies! Earthquake… about a 5
(descentintomael): a little shaken by the earthquake (5.6 magnitude)
loiclemeur: seesmic is down for maintenance. Setting up new version. Thanks
(khodabakchian): whoa indeed….long and scary earthquake.
(Aubs): Lila made me go outside right before the earthquake, and besides some popping sounds, we didn’t feel ANYTHING. So weird.
(mjmalone): earthquake:
(Spinopsys): Cripes Twitter is fast. Earthquake in Santa Cruz.
(wrestlinghulka): @spin, DrudgeReport has a siren for the quake.
biz: And now there’s an earthquake on top of everything else
(lmc): @xtine_s long earthquake! scary!
(jaguarjaws): earthquake!!!!
(Lessien): earthquake in Cupertino
(Annaleen): 5.6 quake! I stood under a doorframe and felt like I wasn’t any safer.
(technosailor): Twitter reporting breaking news, again. Earthquake in CA
(pdxsocialmedia): 5.6 earthquake located near San Jose..geesh, biggest one I’ve been in
(njohns): whoah, just felt a magnitude 5.6 earthquake – San Jose, that’s not far away. :O
(lmorchard): ABC says 5.6 magnitude quake, centered just east of Milpitas.
(mikeal): nice little earthquake
(hadashi): Hey, my first quake over 5.0 – a 5.6 near San Jose. Wee!!!
(pacificIT): Earthquake – San Diego / Bay Area
(jebuslover): Earthquake in SF Bay Area, 5.6 magnitude. Didn’t feel it in San Luis Obispo.
(charltonb): Earthquake struck the SF Bay Area – – estimated 5.6 Richter
(guder): Earthquake in NorCal felt it here in Napa. USGS says at around 6 ->
(6Aers): Steve posted ‘On Vox: Earthquake!!’ on LiveJournal –
(cyclelicious): 5.6 earthquake centered near Milpitas (San Jose) California.
(6Aers): Steve posted ‘Earthquake!!’ on Vox –
(sanbeiji): Earthquake!!!!!!
(davetong): Earthquake report on USGS web site:
(stevegio): I think I just felt an earthquake I San Francisco….yikes
(paoloxide): quake took over 10 seconds … checking on friends now.
(boompaste): Reports of a major earthquake from a friend at San Jose airport
(voidref): Note to self: Get own earthquake straps.
(rkellett): san francisco just had an earthquake — 5.6. no injuries in my household
(Dan_): Quake info:
(jbeck): 5.6 magnitude earthquake 5 miles NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(cynthiacloskey): Called sis in California to see if the earthquake affected her. 5.6 — enough to feel it but not enough to break anything.
(superamit): earthquake! My 1st and I didn’t even feel it [frown]
(cisellis): earthquake in the city…bout 10 seconds. not too strong but i’m not sure how to judge these yet
(voidref): you think Lauren got her earthquake straps up yet?
(rstarmer): Shake shake shake. A 5.6 quake.
(kndy): USGS Earthquake site: And I’m guessing we are going to feel a few aftershocks…
(Jtf): Just had a minor earthquake. I’ll be curious to learn how close/strong it was.
(elbowdonkey): missed a big quake somehow. maybe while on very late bart? maybe while skateboarding from Bart station?
(NurtureGirl): bay area folks: shows emergency stuff. earthquake and explosion
(lisapadilla): an itty bitty quake, is all
(joyjoy1): still reeling from the 8 PM earthquake over 5 point
(annaraven): Earthquake. Nice rumble but no damage at this time.
(progrium): Earthquake : )
(garyrw): Earthquake San Jose: 5.6 2007/10/30 20:04:54 37.432N 121.776W 9.2 8 km ( 5 mi) NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(MarinaMartin): How bad an earthquake? Everyone ok?
sfearthquakes: DUDE. A 5.6 quake just happened 5 mi NNE of Alum Rock, CA. ( )
(mdann50): 5.6 quake centered near san jose. felt here in palo alto
(ocean): Watching the SF earthquake virtually ripple through Twitter.
anildash: SF peeps: It was a 5.6, based in the south bay near SJ.
(trammell): relieved that was an earthquake. Was at a red light and thought my transmission was shot.
(somewhatfrank): Everyone ok in SF after the quake?
(GalaxyGoo): 5.6 quake
(couch): BREAKING: earthquake near San Jose, CA:
(csm): Man, that quake was close to my Mom’s house; I’m much further away, and man that was a shaker.
(worthyadvisor): Earthquake…wow, that one was long….
(pinstripe_bindi): Earthquake!
Ross: not believing in subtle senses, hoping for a real aftershock to ride out. california rocks!
(EdRoberts): Wow… 5 point something earthquake 15 min ago in SF area
(arjunram): @burtonator: Here are the details of the earthquake
(ivangonekrazy): Whoa! Earthquake
(6Aers): Stacey posted ’5.6 earthquake!’ on LiveJournal –
(seaofclouds): feeling the earth quake
(revdancatt): Modesty was “Um, yeah, like, I knew that was an earthquake, because the bed shook”, we all got under the table in under 8 seconds. Yay us.
(nevermai): earthquake!
(johnpastor): 5.6 earthquake in SF…
Ross: USGS is so on top of the quake stuff
(kenekaplan): We just had a 5.6 earthquake, felt at 8:05 p.m. in San Mateo. Reports say it was centered north of San Jose, CA.
(xicanista): I didnt feel the earthquake.
(kevinchu): Quake details:
(ktc19): earthquake in sunnyvale
(prodos): Trying to sleep during quake = NOT FUN [frown]
(Antigone): 5.6 magnatude earthquake, 9 miles North East of us (San Jose), 5.7 miles deep, rumbled pretty good. Cassidy’s first earthquake.
(catcubed): damn lost in the earthquake first post contest! …Hope the damage is minimal to all those over near San Jose — 5.6 is nothing to sneeze at
(billiejeane): 5.6 earthquake. From the bay area… crazy!!!
(estebangs): Hrm.. Somehow managed to miss the earthquake while driving home.
(pkellner): just had earthquake palo alto. macarthur park
(gwachob): to be honest, that didn’t feel anything near a 5.6 earthquake – felt smaller
(6Aers): Henry posted ’5.6 Quake’ on LiveJournal –
(ryos): earthquake….
(simX): Felt brief magnitude 5.6 earthquake. Minor shaking for about 10 sec.
(davemc500hats): 5.6 earthquake in san jose:
(DrGreene): Earthquake just shook the store Austin and I are in. The lights still swinging afterwards.
(bodyvisual): Obligatory earthquake update
(thomwatson): Filling out the USGS questionnaire about the 5.x magnitude earthquake we just experienced; the cats were very frightened; we were excited.
(mikegoelzer): Consensus seems to be that it really was an earthquake. 4 years in California and this is my first one. (out of town for previous ones)
(pacificIT): Location of Earthquake:
(jkusters): Was a 5.6 quake, 11 miles E of Milpitas, 9 miles NE of San Jose City Hall.
(krob): quake details from usgs
(snjones): We just had a 5.6 earthquake. That was fun. At least E2 is stable…
(jcrosby): First earthquake ever for these former Missouri residents.
(myVision): Another earthquake!
(Britneymason): ——–

big earthquake!! Biggest I’ve felt in a longtime!!
factoryjoe: This is off the hook! #twitterquake #quake
briancaldwell: wow 5.6 magnitude in Alum Rock, that San Jose for you out of state peeps
(bsii): congrats, me: I apparently said the least interesting thing there was about the quake. Our prediction was 0.1 off. [equal tongue]
(chris): nice quake! haven’t felt 1 like that in a while!
(leahjones): erm, that you’re all safe. i had three earthquake tweets back to back to back.
t: earthquake 5.6, 15km from San Jose City Hall:
(gwachob): yes, cnn and news folks should import twitter quake feed
(waynesutton): Reading about earthquake in CA, I hope all my SF,CA twitter friends are ok, Twitter first in news!
(iankennedy): Can’t believe it – too busy tickling kids to realize there was an earthquake!
(eazar): Silicon Valley just had an earthquake…man I don’t miss those!
(ahockley): Looks like intial earthquake report is a 5.6 – – hoping for minimal damage to folks down there…
(vlod): first big earthquake i felt in the bay area. mag 5.6 and last for 10 secs.. thought it was the big one! (threepointone): freakin’ 5.6 earthquake just hit the bay area. that was scary. everything in the room shook. I’ll never sleep now [frown]
(DocPop): 5.6 Magnitude quake was just north of San Jose, but we felt it in SF too.

(derricks): Didn’t feel the earthquake at all.\\
(davglass): WooHoo, just experienced our first earthquake since moving here!! It was pretty sweet..
(beckerbuns): We had a rather large earthquake at 8:04 PDT. Turns out it was only 5.6 but it sure felt larger. They say we’ll get aftershocks.
(andrewbarnett): @warlach tell us how long before SF earthquake shows up on news feeds
(ahockley): Quake was at 20:05. @thomashan twittered at 20:06. When will it be on CNN?
briancaldwell: my twitterquake stream
(hello_bob): We just had a magnitude 5.6 earthquake. I was in my lab and the whole lab was like sitting on jelly and moving around.
(sfgeek): Facebook ppl …ignore the insanity. Quake in SF and crazyness in DC!
(mikegoelzer): Oh, and @superamit has been living in California for, what, 1 day? and already he gets his own earthquake. jerk.
(smilnred77): EARTHQUAKE!!
(jlinder): Big earthquake here minutes ago!
(jgc94131): 5.6 quake actaully
(tedr): has twitted jumped the quake tank?
(abhaykumar): Earthquake report: 5.6 Mag. 5 miles NNE of Alum Rock, CA (10 miles from San Jose)
(Dharma_Punk): Great, just had a Scoble moment: “Where did I first hear about the quake in California? Twitter.”
(drcw): @hitherto: it was a long bloody quake, too. I’ve experienced more than i care to in my 27 years in CA…time for a new state of residence.
(ndtp): Finally I felt an earthquake here. But I thought it was someone on the roof of the Y.
(faaborg): First time I have felt an earthquake since moving to California
(pattig): just felt a 5.6 earthquake. i think that’s the biggest one i’ve ever felt. just shook us abt some and woke us up. lol
(koranteng): A moderate earthquake, 5.6 baby
(gwachob): guys, this is not a huge earthquake
(xirzec): 5.6 Earthquake
(mukund): 5.6 magnitude Alum rock quake near San Jose
(starcade): Yep, felt the quake here.
(luomat): @hotdogsladies Ah yes, the amazing productivity of a tiny digestive system. She’ll be producing so much of it you’ll think she’s middle mgt!
(s4xton): @edrabbit @Eris Yay! Earthquake Twitters! Hope everyone’s a-okay.
(dreid): TODO: Visualize the flow of twitters of topic X (such as earthquake) through the network of friends.
(derrallg): We just had a 5.6 earthquake in the SF Bay Area
(parislemon): My entire Twitter screen is breaking SF earthquake news. As I’ve said before, this is exactly what Twitter is perfect for. Everyone alright?
(treeswing): CA quake – Magnitude 5.6 (unreviewed) – 11 km (7 miles) E (91°) from Milpitas, CA
(Malarkey): Earthquake stuff:
(ejflavors): Prelim Earthquake Report —
(mapache): Earthquake!
(ebarrera): A moderate earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, October 30, 2007.
The magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of …
(qubitsu): earthquake
(bfernald): 37.432N 121.776W 5.6 Quake
(borourke): @jahnnie close. lower haight. pretty mellow quake here.
(jdlasica): Yep, felt the quake here in the East Bay. Biggest I’ve felt in a couple of years. map:
(ericgonzalez): Earthquake info (thanks Chris Messina)
(junyu): Security told me the earthquake [smile] They said it shocked a lot.
(alexfalk): My first Bay-Area earthquake was sometime in 1986. Not a 5.6, iirc, but still moved furniture across the room over several seconds time…
(ryryryry): 5.6 quake about 9 miles from here. Wow. Art is crooked and mirror fell. No damage.
(koberoi): Earthquake!! We are all fine.
(adinges): holy earthquake……..5.6 mag!!!!!
(mightyj): Just experienced a 5.6 quake centered a few miles from me. The group of us working late spent the last 10 minutes in the parking lot.
(xirzec): The quake itself:
(jasonw22): The quake made a skunk scent next to our house. pew!
(yz4now): Earthquake!
(cgerrish): Earthquake reported as 5.6 centered in the South Bay. So far no reports of any major damage.
(WiredPig): looks like the quake gave twitter a start… shes running a tad behind
(Myles): Yay, Connor and Erin’s first earthquake
(cynthiacloskey): Earthquake was in Fremont. My sister is on the other side of the Bay, near where Candlestick Park is/was. She’s fine.
(thomashan): listening to sirens going on around Cupertino after the 5.6 earthquake we just had
(marianne_m): holy crap! what i felt earlier today was like a pre-quiver earthquake
(nicoles): Scary places to be in an earthquake, part 1: Kink Dungeon, hello chandeliers!
(lindner): 2nd biggest earthquake since arriving in SF…
(gabster): earthquake!
briansolis: The magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(technosailor): TV is irrelevant. 11pm news on. No mention of breaking news about quake. Twitter is where it’s at
(LauraB): earthquake!
(clunkclunk): Wow, the quake was about 10 miles away from me
(jufemaiz): I’m amazed at the speed of news regarding an earthquake via twitter. Hasn’t hit the local news in Aus yet
(blackdotdigital): was there an earthquake in san fran ?
(gwachob): this is a moderate earthquake
(erewhon): @spin talk about newsriver. earthquake twittered, USGS has the deets, doesn’t even having “breaking news” yet
(spin): i think it was a rolling quake, but it was long down here. I’m not far from the epicenter… KevinMarks might be closer @ home
(SarahM): Missed YAE (yet another earthquake)
(fyrfli): @marinamartin earthquake? where? don’t say cali … they’ve had enough this year!
(mordecai): amazing how instantly news travels. @emilychang twittered ‘crap. huge earthquake’ 5 minutes ago
(mukund): #quake Whoa
(thescottishguy): 5.6 earthquake just hit the bay area. No worries. All good as far as I know
(ibod8x5): We just had a 5.5 earthquake!
(mukund): #quake 5.6 near Alum rock in sAn Jose
(petewootton): Hope all you San Jose peeps are alright from that quake!
(ramseym): Wow, lots of twitters coming in RE: Cali earthquake. I hope everyone is ok.
(kentbye): I just felt my very first earthquake aftershock all the way up in Fairfax at around 8:08 p.m. or so. Very subtle, but heard a rumble too.
(Viss): San francisco folks check in! I heard there was a 5.6 earthquake!
(NickStarr): Damn my first earthquake and I didn’t even feel/notice a thing.
(kevinmarks): Rosie said “that was a 5.6 earthquake” USGS agrees:
hotdogsladies: Yoinks. 5.6?
dom: Earthquake was a 5.6 near San Jose – about 5.7 miles down. Http://
(tracyshaun): Felt the quake up here in Marin too – compusa ceiling rattled and rattled and rattled
(johnm): Ouch, my first Silicon Valley earthquake. Or was that the bubble bursting?
(wcrosby): I didn’t even feel the earthquake and the epicenter was closer to san mateo than sf
(MarinaMartin): I love Twitter. In two minutes I can hear about an earthquake, check on all my friends, and go about my business.
JasonCalacanis: Mahalo Daily trailer is up!
(ErnieAtLYD): 5.6 Earthquake was centered 7 miles from my parents. They’re freaking out and calling a lot but otherwise ok. I felt it less.
(scoi007): felt my first earthquake just now. kind of exciting. nothing fell and the huge lights above my head did not crush me into pulp.
(spin): Kids were momentarily like WTF, all fine, back to XBOX. (we had earthquake weather yesterday)
(cbelier): Watching all the tweets come in about the 5.6 earthquake in the San Francisco area.
davewiner: i felt the quake, everything’s okay here, nothing broken, that i know of
(tobiaspeggs): Wow. Big quake just ripped through sf. Our aprtmt shook like crazy. Wow.
(garyvee): who needs news I got 5 AIM’s and twitter to tell me about QUAKE 2.0
(mikemm0): Omg earthquake asdf ahhhhhh
(jlbrainard): 5.6 quake hits south bay. Wow, hardcore!
(enochchoi): in awe of how much a 5.6 quake feels like the house had a train bumping along beside it…
(t0fu): 5.1 earthquake in san jose, could feel it all the way here
(DixieGirl): Holy crap, we just had an earthquake!
nick: Dear fucking everyone: If you’ve lived in the area more than half a year, don’t IM me every time your house shakes.
(steerwasher): Just had an earthquake.
(LazybonesMcGee): During the earthquake my cat got up off the couch and parked herself in the doorway. I’m serious. A true California native.
(drewmcmanus): Earthquake!
(AdamRugel): i said earthquake and blaine and maureen thought i was nuts!
(guder): Ok earthquake is officially 5.6
(mollywood): Hubby: “You feel that!?” Me: “No, you crazy.” Boom, 5.6 earthquake near San Jose. Me crazy, apparently.
(paulschreiber): yes, i felt the quake too!
(saxchik): that wasn’t a quake, that was all the crap that came crashing down when i went to clean out the linen closet.
(blankbaby): enjoys living in a place were the earth rarely doth quake. Hope everyone is ok!
(darsara): whoa! earthquake!
(csm): I like how the reaction to an earthquake is “I must twitter this.”
(arielwaldman): My conversation with friend back in KC (re: earthquake): was pretty long, and the whole house shook… and then everyone twittered it.
(pinatubo2000): Don’t know if that was an earthquake of a semi driving by
(johnpierre): Earthquake! I would have twittered earlyer but I was to busy going weeeeee!
(akearns): @il2007 5.6 earthquake
(GrammarGirl): USG says the quake was a 5.6 just outside of San Jose, CA:
(skyzyx): #earthquake apparently this was on the “hayward fault”.
(jeremys): Earthquake?
(akshayjava): BTW this was the first earthquake I have felt. I was always sleeping through the ones before [nose tongue]
(msjeanneb): We just had an earthquake!
(billpalmer): waiting for the people back home in Florida to call me here in LA and ask if I made it through the SF earthquake okay
(jonhall): I’m being told earthquake will not stop trick or treating tomorrow!
missrogue: Screenshotting the twitterquake.
(dan_mcweeney): @kurtbrockett: Yea got that — never had to google for earthquake info before!
(alangutierrez): More information on quake via @kristiewells .
(gwachob): quake track on twitter is kinda like everyone in a big room shouting out loud to everyone who might listen
(mlwhall): Earthquake — definitely felt it here in Napa
(alexfalk): I kinda wanna go play any version of Quake now.
(abiteofsanity): Earthquake hits California, and CNN is talking about Britney again… bloody perfect.
(frogrob): Yes, i did feel the 5.6 earthquake just a little bit ago.
(lbmixpro): Barely noticed the earthquake.
(BreakingNewsOn): The San Francisco Bay Area in California was struck by a strong 5.6 earthquake about 14 minutes ago; FULL COVERAGE at
(MetaGrrrl): @george08, when you think “that IS an earthquake and it’s still going”.
(Leftsider): didn’t feel the earthquake. Knowing all about it tho.
(rangercraig): wow – good sized earthquake (not real big, but the biggest i’ve felt since ’89) – lasted about 15 seconds – did you feel it nick starr
(JPhilipson): Crazy, just got off the phone with a friend from San Jose. Two minutes later Twitter goes nuts with Earthquake in San Francisco and San …
(panigirl): completely missed the earthquake … but trilo felt it
(alanc): Earthquake!
davewiner: wow, 5.6 is not a teeny quake, it scared the bejesus out of me, i was on the phone getting the scoop on google’s big earthquake on thursday.
(Aubs): Ok, Lila gets another treat for her sixth ‘doggie’ sense. I’ve STILL only felt one quake due to her “take me outside” diligence.
(webmink): M5.6 earthquake near San Jose, I gather:
(natekoechley): Earthquake about 50miles SSE of SF and still a good jolt up here. 5.6
(tippyjackson): that was the first time I’ve felt an earthquake in 18 years.
davewiner: none of the local tv stations have coverage
(Xapa): earthquake in San Fran
(kevinmarks): report how you felt the quake here:
(lukeman): @rictic Did you feel the earthquake? If so, I’m even more jealous.
(sorrydad): sweet earthquake action
(sly48): @cmak Birthday earthquake!
(jeromec): just had a 5.6 earthquake (located in San Jose), nice little shake
(hitsman): The huge earthquake near San Jose was only 5.6. Just wait for 7.0!
(duncan): Whoa! Earthquake in the bay area.
loiclemeur: The earthquake was 5.6 on richter scale
(Adora): hearing reports that the SF earthquake was 5.6 and lasted 15-20 seconds. Hope you guys are ok, socal can certainly sympathize! hugs
(gwachob): ok, quake over, back to normal programming
(pdxsocialmedia): The earthquake was located on the Calaveras Fault.
(whitneyrae): Earthquake oh man!
(tehjim): It’s weird to see eleventy billion tweets come out of California simultaneously about the earthquake half a second after it happened.
(tyfn): Observing my first twitterquake (track earthquake and track quake). Thanks @factoryjoe
(ralphdagza): Earthquake? Where?
(clith): Quake intensity:
(ashnod): sfearthquakes++ Earthquake is rocking’ the Twitterverse!
(Janvi): Holy crap, that was a big earthquake.
(alexdesigns): SF really just have earthquake?
(LenEdgerly): TNN (Twitter News Network) has earthquake report before I can find a trace of it anywhere else.
(timbray): 5.6 Earthquake in the valey
(jimgoldstein): @ds1029 looks like the quake was closer to you. Hope the freeways are ok or else traffic will be a bitch tomorrow.
(giselle): Whoa! Just had our first earthquake out here. Took me a second to realize what was going on.
(pinarozger): Just lived through a 5.6 earthquake at Kat and Chris’s place. Thank god we were under the influence of the the lovely Sangiovese.
(BenReubenstein): @kevnull @buzz @bobspace wild on the scenes quake reporting.
(eve11): During quake housemate’s watching a TV special on animals’ sixth sense (not that I’d use term) to escape earthquakes, tsunamis & disasters.
(GraceD): Santa Cruz earthquake check-in: Hubs felt it, I was driving home. Rocked the Cruz, no rolling. Hubs ready to evacuate w/antique watches.
(nicebobs): first earthquake since moving back to cali!
(skyzyx): #earthquake listen to live, local SF earthquake news at
(unsaturated): woah, that was an earthquake! I thought it was just my stupid neighbors…
(bobbyboi): snap quake news travels fast
(gwachob): DAMMIT, earthquake interrupted my viewing of “Heros”
(gwachob): DAMMIT, earthquake interrupted my viewing of “Heroes”
(akearns): 15 km from San Jose city hall @il2007 5.6 earthquake I felt it
(alexisg): Beaumont knew the earthquake was coming before I did. He started howling in anticipation.
(zoho): Did anyone feel the quake in bay area?
(atlvspdx): quake in SF…wonder how the huf crew feels
(gort581): beats,, and to earthquake news and usgs link…
(johnpastor): Local NBC affiliate doing a special report on the earthquake.
chrispirillo: Surprise Guest in latest episode of 7th Son:
(vasta): 5.6? That’s quite the quake. Hope everyone is okay.
(mdove): I hear there was a nice sized earthquake….
(jpanzer): Nice earthquake.
(amandica): We had an earthquake! YAYYYYYYYYY!
(NatalieHG): First earthquake! 5.6
(beltzner): Hoping all my friends in California had fun with that 5.6 magnitude quake!
(iC): 5.6 calverias earthquake – i felt nothing
(holly_adams): Lovn the earthquake over drinks — Ross: not believing in subtle senses, ho
(geraldinelemeur): My fist earthquake in SF … [frown]
(netZoo): Wow. Twitterstorm of quake reax is intense. Sms / twitter ftw. The AP should track ‘quake’ for immediate quotes
(rizzn): Twitter is just about done racing past on the earthquake thing. Posted up to Mashable.
(mroth): Most damaged by earthquake? Twitter’s servers, when probably 90% of the Bay Area centric userbase posted an update nearly simultaneously.
(MarinaMartin): @fyrfli In San Francisco, San Jose specifically … 5.6. The fires are in southern California, earthquake northern, sounds like all are ok
(michaelg): The quake was pretty strong in San Jose
briansolis: In-n-Out burger time
(jimgoldstein): @davewiner ABC 7 ran coverage at a break 5 minutes after. They said no damage reported updates if any news breaks on the quake.
(danielsoneg): @MarinaMartin – Where’d you get the earthquake update?
(sockpr0n): earthquake scared my son to sleep (about 40 mi away, 5.6 mag)
(raygun01): 5.6 quake! Had to brace ourselves for that one!
(edwinv): I just felt an earthquake.
(toddsampson): In other news, Twitter earthquake news beats the AP by 7 minutes w/ tons more detail: Welcome to the future.
(ceonyc): Twitter abuzz with earthquake news before CNN… I’d suggest tracking “earthquake”
(drewmcmanus): Long quake!
(Akula): I don’t see anything about the quake on MSNBC either.
(gwachob): if this quake was like Loma Prieta, then we could use twitter for grassroots news gathering and distribution:
(thefoo): wow i learn of an earthquake on twitter? nothing on tv about it
(binderodaemons): Vy felt the quake, I did not, and I was only a couple hundred feet away
(chacal_lachaise): @tirana, @hotdogsladies, @ross : hang in there guys. wow quake tweets!
(ramcosca): I was thinking “what the heck is the big thing @Veronica said?”… 5.6 earthquake! I hope everyone’s allright (@acedtech, @mollywood?)
(Mrs_Bobcat): That was … interesting. What does it say that it took me a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake, not my kids running in the house?
(adinges): choover and adinges survived the quake with doorway-standing skills…..kittens were a little frazzled
(trilobyte): wishing for another earthquake just like the last one
(Spinopsys): Fritz has a blog post up on the quake Twitter plus blogs beat MSM
(CraigB): Robert Goulet was killed in an earthquake?
(BimmerTech): Oy! a 5.6 earthquake NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(Menta): The earthquake was a 5.6 centered in milpitas
(WiredPig): looks like the quake bumped twitter back to a 5-8 min delay
(aqualung): quake map:
(CajunTechie): Everyone okay after the quake?
(serdar): CNN, NYT have nothing on the quake whilst it’s all over Twitter.
(shashib): Amazing – I have not seen the Earthquake story yet on CNN or in any Google news site
(Aubs): PS: Lila is now laying on the floor, chilling. I think we’re clear for the night. (I should start an earthquake detection side business.)
(superphly): #quake 5.6 here it goes!!!
davewiner: Here’s the USGS page on the quake.
(JPhilipson): tracking earthquake on twitter. everyone and their mother talking about it in the bay area
(spin): AlumRock/Milpitas, that’s the Calaveras faultline? BTW you can follow a quake fault that cuts through Fremont (Hayward)
(earthdog): The twitter I sent right after I felt the earthquake got dropped by Verizon. I would have been early! Damn
(rizzn): Earthquake first notes available at
(digitalhobbit): Nice little earthquake… Hadn’t felt one for 5 years or so. Almost forgot that we live in California.
Techmeme: Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday (Michael Arrington/TechCrunch)
(alexdc): earthquake in the West, tropical storm in the East
(susanreynolds): @technosailor my husband the non-tweeter scoffs re earthquake reports “but it’s not on the news” Pfft Well duh that’s my point!
(Kitler): How out of it am I today? “What earthquake?”
(nibshane): Talking with friends about the 5.6 earthquake in San Fran. Some felt it, some didn’t.
(eventualbuddha): “is that an earthquake?” “no, I think it’s my roommate coming down the… oh wait, yep, it’s an earthquake”
(Illig): Twitter/Truemors: I read of the Bay area quake about 4 minutes after it happened. Twitter/Tweets: 3 mins. later I read peoples reactions.
(BRISKUSMC): @uiss From: 40404 Msg: GrammarGirl: USG says the quake was a 5.6 just outside of San Jose, CA:
(EC): wow, somehow, i completely missed the quake.
(nadjarobot): That was a really long earthquake…
(reechard): A moderate earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on October 30, 2007.
A magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km NNE of Alum Rock, CA.
(AndreCharland): SF folks are twittering like crazy about the 5.6 quake down there…I’m just adding to the noise. LOUD NOISES!
(jonwiley): I just missed my first earthquake by ten thousand miles. But Diana didn’t and she called to say that Harriet is hiding in a corner.
JasonCalacanis: 38 people signed up for blogger dimsum on Thursday night in NYC!! dang… where we gonna find a place that can fit 40!?!?
(doctorlinguist): receiving earthquake reports from @anocelot (and indirectly @spiritusvult).
(skyzyx): #earthquake epicenter at Alum Rock Rd. in north San Jose, CA. That’s just over a 1.5 hour drive away from me.
davewiner: Google map location of the quake.
(abacab): Nice, @johnm !: “Ouch, my first Silicon Valley earthquake. Or was that the bubble bursting?”
(thenameish): I’d rather be bored to death than to see earthquake after fire. (LATimes: 5.6 earthquake hits in mountains east of San Jose)
(cbasturea): Hoping that all my friends in California are OK after the earthquake.
(echeng): Bill tells me there was a 5.x earthquake in San Jose just now! Someone tell me details!
(donohoe): Speaking of Hell – it has the occasional magnitude 5.6 earthquake
(adinardi): There was an earthquake in the Bay Area tonight — great…
(matthewlock): The fact that my house shook that much when the earthquake was 50 miles away is a little bit worrying.
(kurrik): I can has earthquake? How did I miss this?
(teampoop): @cindyli I slept through my first earthquake.. Unfortunately it was during math class, so I got extra yelled at
(nothatwasyou): that was the worst earthquake i’ve ever felt.
(spaceguy): Friend in Bay Area IM’d about 5.6 quake a few min ago.
(kristi7): best part about experiencing the earthquake at the office: Mayank under the ping pong table ; )
(pbump): Of course, once I move away, there’s a decent sized earthquake in San Jose.-
(garbear): (8:05:07 PM) woah
(8:05:08 PM) earthquake
(8:05:20 PM) pretty big
(8:05:22 PM) shaking still
(8:05:26 PM) holy shit!
(tfaz1): Earthquake.
(lsshanks): If you didn’t hear, 5.6 earthquake in S.F. Bay area about half hour ago.
(bobpage): we felt the earthquake here in santa cruz too. usgs says 5.6
(jimgoldstein): Back to work… enough quake excitement for now
(ijohnpederson): 7 tweets in 20 minutes re: San Fran earthquake. TV still talking about “mule museums” and wasting our tax money.
(Britneymason): Just had earthquake here 5.6.. been trying to twitter from phone.. system is not working well
(lmorchard): And here I thought the earthquake was the Great Pumpkin rising out of the pumpkin patch
(maidelba): 5.6 earthquake! Shook my apartment
(Tracy27): Biggest quake I’ve felt so far in CA. I’m starting to seriously ponder why I live in a house that’s half glass.
(opregaje): I just had my earthquake cherry popped.
Ross: explaining earthquake safety to several non-natives at once. keep it together. keep it together. keep it together (and otherwise enjoy it)
(thewesterly): oh em gee my first earthquake
(topicm): wow, that is a big earthquake…California really doesn’t need any more natural disasters
mintigal: Any damage report it to Kron4 News
(vaccine): Magnitude 5.6 quake
(TedC): Cnn coverage of the quake on now
(natala): 5.6 earthquake in san jose. All is good with fam. Twitter continues to be the best source of earthquake news.
(grittysweet): I was just in the shower when a big 5.6 earthquake hit and I didn’t feel a damned thing! UNBELIEVABLE.
(michaelrice): Looks like earthquake in the valley, hopefully won’t come here… my house is built on sand
(stilldavid): man, I’m always the last to know about these things … 5.6 earthquake a few miles from San Jose
(ramseym): Magnitude map of the 5.6 earth quake in Cali: Also, Mashable already has blog post:
(berecruited): Earthquake…. Manny not excited
(jessicagold): Hope everyone is OK re: the SF earthquake.
(PaulBHartzog): hoping the SF quake wasn’t too harmful…
(me3dia): watching NoCal friends report the earthquake on twitter.
(Ade_B): oooo, we just had a mini earthquake – too bad I was in the Mustang at the time, so didnt feel it too much [slant]
(adammathes): OMG let’s all discuss how the earthquake made us feel. And how my twittering about the earthquake made us feel. 140 characters or less. Go.
(elosf): earthquake! 5.6 (803pm Pacific time) felt here
(chromatic): Dear twitter, earthquake. San francisco. W00t.
(raygun01): is being completely slammed by quake-aholics right now.
(drmaryannbell): Yes to quake just announced in meeting
(jazzydee): CA earthquake on twitter but not on
(agenthandy): all ok ty! earthquake info: earthquake 5.6, 15km from San Jose City Hall:
(jboutelle): That was a little scary! I guess I’m an earthquake wimp…
(shiflett): I hope everyone in SF is safe. On a related note, the Twitter tracking post uses “earthquake” as an example:
(helvector): 5.6 earthquake centered near san jose
(Dan_): Twitter really is an instant community. I’m 10,000 kilometers east and I knew about the ‘quake instantly. Truely amazing!
(johnmccrea): was that an earthquake or the trumpets of the open social web shaking the Facebook’s walled garden?
(LPT): I love twitter. Sitting here watching the news on TV, but getting CA quake news on Twitter.
(MrBabyMan): Earthquake?! Is that what that was? I felt that here in L.A.!
(abacab): Quake [YOUR AD HERE!] Quake
(FriedNerds): Wow! 5.6 Earthquake in SF!
(mrn): Big 5.6 quake near Milpitas which is why everyone from SF to Santa Cruz is twittering about it.
(mashable): California Quake: Twitter First, Take Cover Later ( )
(twid): Preparing for the lj/twitter/facebook earthquake message avalanche
(Kalli): Fascinating to hear of an earthquake in Cali on Twitter, surf to BBC and LA Times and find nothing. Glad that most of you seem OK.
(vruz): about the earthquake, is everybody safe ?
(akearns): yeah twitter has earthquake info first still nothing in tv or google news
(JoshStaiger): Just felt my first California earthquake.
(tndaisy1960): @abiteofsanity The biggest event in this house tonight was that the dog burped. No quake here.
(IndustryGirl): Wow, SF peeps – that was a 5.6! I’ve never been in a quake over a 4.
(gwachob): 5.6 Earthquake – its the Bay Area saying welcome to the recent bay area immigrants [wink]
(gort581): Google is fast: has links to usgs and people blogging about tweeting about the ‘quake in search results already.
(charltonb): Hoping the SF Bay Area earthquake did not incur any significant damage….
(tastybit): Dude, I missed the quake?! How big?
(dbldbl): 8:04p PDT a 5.6 earthquake centered itself in Milpitas, CA
(WillHughes): Hrm, quake missed Scoble’s place by ~30 miles.
(nomadicoder): Earthquake felt pretty strong here in Marina. Shaking lasted a good 20 seconds.
(iC): 5.6 Calaveras earthquake – driving on 101 – I felt nothing
ev: Wondering if @cw designed mobile greader with the thought that people will be less annoyed at him when he’s late if they can read blogs
(Aubreym): shakes, rattles and rolls with the earthquake. But man – my TiVo of ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ is all interrupty with news now
(mfriesen): Shocked that @mattmansfield hasn’t Twittered the earthquake in his back yard. Y’all right, homes?
(qubitsu): @jeffrehl yes, definitely–should’ve qualified, quake originated quite a ways south of here
(Rabourn): Thx to twitter, with the BBC headlines and CA peeps to yell quake when there is one, I don’t need to watch the news anymore
(robey): Oh man apparently there was a quake and I didn’t even feel it
(Djafet): Damn. All kinds of shit about an earthquake on the public timeline
(rashmi): that earthquake felt pretty strong. twitter is all over it
(overexposed): is it bad if I wanted it to last longer (the earthquake, that is)?
(kitchen): @toddsampson hahaha yea. “track earthquake” is INSANE right now [grin]
(blindoctorswife): Just talking to a HAL flt w/ a scratchy radio through a 5.0 earthquake. Epicenter was at 3743n/12178w. I’m at 3742n/12157w. -
(swhitley): Quake was a roller, not a shaker. It seemed to last a little longer, but no biggie here in the East Bay. Now back to Charlie Brown…
(caol_kailash): @loiclemeur missed your first earthquake. Lucky meetings in Boston
(drewcipher): Did not feel the quake. Nobody else here did either.
(cbarrett): Psh, what’s all the excitement? I’ve slept through a 6.7 earthquake, and this one just felt fun. Though I grew up on (dormant) volcano. YMMV
(allib): apparently it was a 5.6 earthquake. that’s how we roll.
(charholly9): I hope everyone ner the quake is alright
(HappyFunTime): @tbridge odd, earthquake watch still only has several 2.9s in CA
(CourtneyWatson): @archphoenix nothing about the quake is on MSNBC yet.
(clith): What do hashtags like #quake do? Hmm.. must Google. (glad the quake wasn’t too bad for anyone)
(andrewbarnett): @joyent what risk does a larger quake pose to shared servers and accelerators? what contingency plans?
(Mickeleh): … hmmm. couldn’t get through to Google. Earthquake related? Traffic spike?
(TedC): @loiclemeur – quake gives new meaning to the name Seesmic…. eh?
(danf): Wondering how much of a Twitter delay there is after the Twitter quake. This was sent at 22:35:50 CDT.
(Beaker): Quake in NorCal. Oh, wait, I live in New England now. Back to my cereal and UFC Fight Night on DVR. Call if you need anything.
(vruz): the earthquake is still not on CNN
(ninotchkab): quake in Cali. zoiks!
(aliane88): we had an earthquake?
(twelvetones): 15 months later and I finally feel my first earthquake
(nicolelee): Didn’t feel the quake at all; was in BART the whole time. Damn!
(Grumman): I heard about the earthquake here first
(krissy): Not wise to track “earthquake” on twitter.. Nearly killed me iPhone.
(nadyne): earthquake!
(superg): earthquake!
(karlyn): @infodiva you ok? heard there was an earthquake there.
(cgyh): was doing reflective listening to China while rolling earthquake. I kept on doing my reflective listening.
(mithra): That was my first California earthquake!
(stoleto): earthquake!
(CoreyDotCom): Damn that sucked! 5.6 earthquake (per usgs) south of San Francisco. I’m on the 17th floor of a high rise (top floor) and we were rocking!
(xianrenaud): Hoping all my SV friends are enjoying the quake. Better than tornados, I tell ya….
Scobleizer: am in sf at hugh dinner. We did not feel quake but scared maryam at home
(peaness): Got up just before the earthquake, talk about peachy timing. Now what?
(craigeg): 5.6 earthquake just now, i am a survivor!
(miyukijane): omg earthquake! hayward fault’s been due for a big one.
(onepinktee): Joe says nothing on IRIS about the quake yet — Twitter is faster!
(crazy_vag): Weeee… A fatty 5.6 earthquake.
(geekparrot): Felt the quake at 8pm.
factoryjoe: First MSM coverage: #quake #earthquake
(Sakurina): I love how all but two of the tweets in the last half hour were about the 5.6 earthquake in SF.
(jenleo): san jose had a 5.6 earthquake. I’m inSF and didn’t feel it.
(kidmarmite): George Bush caused the earth quake. He pushed the “gates of hell” button on his weather machine.
(stephliu): hmm, apparently there was an earthquake. Was in the car though, so just thought the car was stalling weird.
(malidragon): pownced: wow.. that was a good sized earthquake. I’d say a little over 5.0?
Scobleizer: Phoned-in TwitterGram
(SusanBratton): The 5.6 earthquake rolled my house around. Exciting. Scary. Worried there will be more and I’m not done putting all my best photos in 1 box.
(Sofia): did the twitter tracker go down? maybe it was not earthquake proof
(Salmanazar): 5.6 quake …. No biggie… Could be the prelude to a big one…. I’m not scared though. My wine is protected
(CodeMonkeyGirl): There would be a storm and an earthquake in the same week after I leave.
(jaydedman): just lived through my first earthquake as well. a good 5 seconds long. center was right down the road.
(treeswing): The first earthquake I’ve felt in years and not a single aftershock. Thanks for nothing Armageddon!
(ChrisWeiss): @dkb – send “track quake” to twitter for an interesting thread
(bgreenlee): Bummed that I somehow didn’t feel the earthquake. Was in the gym at the time.
(underpope): I didn’t feel any quake. Of course, I’m about 130 miles away from the epicenter.
(richardescobedo): what’s this I hear about a 5.6 earthquake?? pshaw… I miss laguna hills. My dad just had to retire from the marine corps.
(jaysonl): 5.6 earthquake just hit less than 10 miles away. WHEEE!
(Twitster): Sitting with Bob reading the Earthquake Twitters….
(GraceD): Knee high Uggs must be the best earthquake shoes. Sheepskin protects from glass, rubber textured soles can make tracks & they’re cozy.
twitter’s new status message – Twitter Me! (send HELP for more info) 8:45 PM
twitter: (spin): last major quake was uhh 1989, world series quake Giants vs. A’s, bridge collapse, freeways etc
(semidi): Minutes after Biz sent a tweet about the earthquake, Mashable is on the scene: )
(rizzn): unfollow earthquake
(miyagawa): back home, didn’t feel the earthquake since I was walking …
(susanreynolds): At least @BreakingNewsOn announced the quake. Still nothing from ABC in DC. Dofuses
(bridgetstewart): thanks to twitterers, i knew to call my sister to see if the earthquake affected her. happy to report, everything is fine.
mintigal: @briancadwell how close r u 2 Alum Rock
davewiner: in berkeley, the quake started very slowly, then everything was shaking. finished the phone call outside on the front steps.
(davidjacobs): @spin: yeah, i was in Los Altos for that 1989 quake. Now that was a rock and roller. I’ll never forget that
(timburks): obligatory post-earthquake tweet.
(Dan_): @echeng: Check this for the info on SF/SJ area quake:
(rizzn): Unfollowing the earthquake and going back to work

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