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Tracking the quake on Twitter – part 2

October 30th, 2007 · 3 Comments

The information is continuing to flow on Twitter. Here are more tweets from the Alum Rock quake. Part 1 of this transcript is here and Part 3 is here.

(bethanye): damn – missed the quake. maybe when i was on the ferry.
(PelleB): That quake was 5.6 yikes
(jdischler): Back for 2 days and already an earthquake!
(dveale): ok…that was a really scary damn big WHOLE house shook. one cat still in hiding…not on news yet but that was big [nose sad]
(servantofchaos): Waiting to see how long it takes for MSM to report the calif earthquake
(chrisconnolly): 5.6 Earthquake. We felt it pretty damn strong here. Strongest since I’ve been in California.
(speakofthedevil): I just told a girl today that my dog has been an asshole and that we were probably going to have an earthquake. I have powerful Ju ju.
(kevinchu): 5.6 Quake, about 10 miles away (east san jose)
(ryanblock): Wow, that quake was 5.6 out in Alum Rock!
(archphoenix): Uhm, earthquake!
(alangutierrez): Waiting for CNN to have something about the earthquake. Please more Tweets.
(rizzn): I love twitter. Already learning details of the quake.
(angeSF): Earthquake
(rabbitroodle): Earthquake was 5.6 and centered a couple miles away from here!
(depa): Yup, felt the quake. Think it was near San Jose. prelim magnitude 5.6
(trascendenza): Sooo… that was an earthquake! (Only minor shaking, in my area.)
(conformer): Earthquake!
(pjhyett): having a desk that just sits on sawhorses made for an exciting ride with that quake
Veronica: 5.6
(bobspace): Tiny earthquake in south SF. Anyone else feel that?
(robertgoldberg): big earthquake in bay area looks like it was centered near milpitas according to usgs and a 5.6
(mikemiller): Jinkies! Earthquake… about a 5
(descentintomael): a little shaken by the earthquake (5.6 magnitude)
loiclemeur: seesmic is down for maintenance. Setting up new version. Thanks
(khodabakchian): whoa indeed….long and scary earthquake.
(Aubs): Lila made me go outside right before the earthquake, and besides some popping sounds, we didn’t feel ANYTHING. So weird.
(mjmalone): earthquake:
(Spinopsys): Cripes Twitter is fast. Earthquake in Santa Cruz.
(wrestlinghulka): @spin, DrudgeReport has a siren for the quake.
biz: And now there’s an earthquake on top of everything else
(lmc): @xtine_s long earthquake! scary!
(jaguarjaws): earthquake!!!!
(Lessien): earthquake in Cupertino
(Annaleen): 5.6 quake! I stood under a doorframe and felt like I wasn’t any safer.
(technosailor): Twitter reporting breaking news, again. Earthquake in CA
(pdxsocialmedia): 5.6 earthquake located near San Jose..geesh, biggest one I’ve been in
(njohns): whoah, just felt a magnitude 5.6 earthquake – San Jose, that’s not far away. :O
(lmorchard): ABC says 5.6 magnitude quake, centered just east of Milpitas.
(mikeal): nice little earthquake
(hadashi): Hey, my first quake over 5.0 – a 5.6 near San Jose. Wee!!!
(pacificIT): Earthquake – San Diego / Bay Area
(jebuslover): Earthquake in SF Bay Area, 5.6 magnitude. Didn’t feel it in San Luis Obispo.
(charltonb): Earthquake struck the SF Bay Area – – estimated 5.6 Richter
(guder): Earthquake in NorCal felt it here in Napa. USGS says at around 6 ->
(6Aers): Steve posted ‘On Vox: Earthquake!!’ on LiveJournal –
(cyclelicious): 5.6 earthquake centered near Milpitas (San Jose) California.
(6Aers): Steve posted ‘Earthquake!!’ on Vox –
(sanbeiji): Earthquake!!!!!!
(davetong): Earthquake report on USGS web site:
(stevegio): I think I just felt an earthquake I San Francisco….yikes
(paoloxide): quake took over 10 seconds … checking on friends now.
(boompaste): Reports of a major earthquake from a friend at San Jose airport
(voidref): Note to self: Get own earthquake straps.
(rkellett): san francisco just had an earthquake — 5.6. no injuries in my household
(Dan_): Quake info:
(jbeck): 5.6 magnitude earthquake 5 miles NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(cynthiacloskey): Called sis in California to see if the earthquake affected her. 5.6 — enough to feel it but not enough to break anything.
(superamit): earthquake! My 1st and I didn’t even feel it [frown]
(cisellis): earthquake in the city…bout 10 seconds. not too strong but i’m not sure how to judge these yet
(voidref): you think Lauren got her earthquake straps up yet?
(rstarmer): Shake shake shake. A 5.6 quake.
(kndy): USGS Earthquake site: And I’m guessing we are going to feel a few aftershocks…
(Jtf): Just had a minor earthquake. I’ll be curious to learn how close/strong it was.
(elbowdonkey): missed a big quake somehow. maybe while on very late bart? maybe while skateboarding from Bart station?
(NurtureGirl): bay area folks: shows emergency stuff. earthquake and explosion
(lisapadilla): an itty bitty quake, is all
(joyjoy1): still reeling from the 8 PM earthquake over 5 point
(annaraven): Earthquake. Nice rumble but no damage at this time.
(progrium): Earthquake : )
(garyrw): Earthquake San Jose: 5.6 2007/10/30 20:04:54 37.432N 121.776W 9.2 8 km ( 5 mi) NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(MarinaMartin): How bad an earthquake? Everyone ok?
sfearthquakes: DUDE. A 5.6 quake just happened 5 mi NNE of Alum Rock, CA. ( )
(mdann50): 5.6 quake centered near san jose. felt here in palo alto
(ocean): Watching the SF earthquake virtually ripple through Twitter.
anildash: SF peeps: It was a 5.6, based in the south bay near SJ.
(trammell): relieved that was an earthquake. Was at a red light and thought my transmission was shot.
(somewhatfrank): Everyone ok in SF after the quake?
(GalaxyGoo): 5.6 quake
(couch): BREAKING: earthquake near San Jose, CA:
(csm): Man, that quake was close to my Mom’s house; I’m much further away, and man that was a shaker.
(worthyadvisor): Earthquake…wow, that one was long….
(pinstripe_bindi): Earthquake!
Ross: not believing in subtle senses, hoping for a real aftershock to ride out. california rocks!
(EdRoberts): Wow… 5 point something earthquake 15 min ago in SF area
(arjunram): @burtonator: Here are the details of the earthquake
(ivangonekrazy): Whoa! Earthquake
(6Aers): Stacey posted ’5.6 earthquake!’ on LiveJournal –
(seaofclouds): feeling the earth quake
(revdancatt): Modesty was “Um, yeah, like, I knew that was an earthquake, because the bed shook”, we all got under the table in under 8 seconds. Yay us.
(nevermai): earthquake!
(johnpastor): 5.6 earthquake in SF…
Ross: USGS is so on top of the quake stuff
(kenekaplan): We just had a 5.6 earthquake, felt at 8:05 p.m. in San Mateo. Reports say it was centered north of San Jose, CA.
(xicanista): I didnt feel the earthquake.
(kevinchu): Quake details:
(ktc19): earthquake in sunnyvale
(prodos): Trying to sleep during quake = NOT FUN [frown]
(Antigone): 5.6 magnatude earthquake, 9 miles North East of us (San Jose), 5.7 miles deep, rumbled pretty good. Cassidy’s first earthquake.
(catcubed): damn lost in the earthquake first post contest! …Hope the damage is minimal to all those over near San Jose — 5.6 is nothing to sneeze at
(billiejeane): 5.6 earthquake. From the bay area… crazy!!!
(estebangs): Hrm.. Somehow managed to miss the earthquake while driving home.
(pkellner): just had earthquake palo alto. macarthur park
(gwachob): to be honest, that didn’t feel anything near a 5.6 earthquake – felt smaller
(6Aers): Henry posted ’5.6 Quake’ on LiveJournal –
(ryos): earthquake….
(simX): Felt brief magnitude 5.6 earthquake. Minor shaking for about 10 sec.
(davemc500hats): 5.6 earthquake in san jose:
(DrGreene): Earthquake just shook the store Austin and I are in. The lights still swinging afterwards.
(bodyvisual): Obligatory earthquake update
(thomwatson): Filling out the USGS questionnaire about the 5.x magnitude earthquake we just experienced; the cats were very frightened; we were excited.
(mikegoelzer): Consensus seems to be that it really was an earthquake. 4 years in California and this is my first one. (out of town for previous ones)
(pacificIT): Location of Earthquake:
(jkusters): Was a 5.6 quake, 11 miles E of Milpitas, 9 miles NE of San Jose City Hall.
(krob): quake details from usgs
(snjones): We just had a 5.6 earthquake. That was fun. At least E2 is stable…
(jcrosby): First earthquake ever for these former Missouri residents.
(myVision): Another earthquake!
(Britneymason): ——–

big earthquake!! Biggest I’ve felt in a longtime!!
factoryjoe: This is off the hook! #twitterquake #quake
briancaldwell: wow 5.6 magnitude in Alum Rock, that San Jose for you out of state peeps
(bsii): congrats, me: I apparently said the least interesting thing there was about the quake. Our prediction was 0.1 off. [equal tongue]
(chris): nice quake! haven’t felt 1 like that in a while!
(leahjones): erm, that you’re all safe. i had three earthquake tweets back to back to back.
t: earthquake 5.6, 15km from San Jose City Hall:
(gwachob): yes, cnn and news folks should import twitter quake feed
(waynesutton): Reading about earthquake in CA, I hope all my SF,CA twitter friends are ok, Twitter first in news!
(iankennedy): Can’t believe it – too busy tickling kids to realize there was an earthquake!
(eazar): Silicon Valley just had an earthquake…man I don’t miss those!
(ahockley): Looks like intial earthquake report is a 5.6 – – hoping for minimal damage to folks down there…
(vlod): first big earthquake i felt in the bay area. mag 5.6 and last for 10 secs.. thought it was the big one! (threepointone): freakin’ 5.6 earthquake just hit the bay area. that was scary. everything in the room shook. I’ll never sleep now [frown]
(DocPop): 5.6 Magnitude quake was just north of San Jose, but we felt it in SF too.

(derricks): Didn’t feel the earthquake at all.\\
(davglass): WooHoo, just experienced our first earthquake since moving here!! It was pretty sweet..
(beckerbuns): We had a rather large earthquake at 8:04 PDT. Turns out it was only 5.6 but it sure felt larger. They say we’ll get aftershocks.
(andrewbarnett): @warlach tell us how long before SF earthquake shows up on news feeds
(ahockley): Quake was at 20:05. @thomashan twittered at 20:06. When will it be on CNN?
briancaldwell: my twitterquake stream
(hello_bob): We just had a magnitude 5.6 earthquake. I was in my lab and the whole lab was like sitting on jelly and moving around.
(sfgeek): Facebook ppl …ignore the insanity. Quake in SF and crazyness in DC!
(mikegoelzer): Oh, and @superamit has been living in California for, what, 1 day? and already he gets his own earthquake. jerk.
(smilnred77): EARTHQUAKE!!
(jlinder): Big earthquake here minutes ago!
(jgc94131): 5.6 quake actaully
(tedr): has twitted jumped the quake tank?
(abhaykumar): Earthquake report: 5.6 Mag. 5 miles NNE of Alum Rock, CA (10 miles from San Jose)
(Dharma_Punk): Great, just had a Scoble moment: “Where did I first hear about the quake in California? Twitter.”
(drcw): @hitherto: it was a long bloody quake, too. I’ve experienced more than i care to in my 27 years in CA…time for a new state of residence.
(ndtp): Finally I felt an earthquake here. But I thought it was someone on the roof of the Y.
(faaborg): First time I have felt an earthquake since moving to California
(pattig): just felt a 5.6 earthquake. i think that’s the biggest one i’ve ever felt. just shook us abt some and woke us up. lol
(koranteng): A moderate earthquake, 5.6 baby
(gwachob): guys, this is not a huge earthquake
(xirzec): 5.6 Earthquake
(mukund): 5.6 magnitude Alum rock quake near San Jose
(starcade): Yep, felt the quake here.
(luomat): @hotdogsladies Ah yes, the amazing productivity of a tiny digestive system. She’ll be producing so much of it you’ll think she’s middle mgt!
(s4xton): @edrabbit @Eris Yay! Earthquake Twitters! Hope everyone’s a-okay.
(dreid): TODO: Visualize the flow of twitters of topic X (such as earthquake) through the network of friends.
(derrallg): We just had a 5.6 earthquake in the SF Bay Area
(parislemon): My entire Twitter screen is breaking SF earthquake news. As I’ve said before, this is exactly what Twitter is perfect for. Everyone alright?
(treeswing): CA quake – Magnitude 5.6 (unreviewed) – 11 km (7 miles) E (91°) from Milpitas, CA
(Malarkey): Earthquake stuff:
(ejflavors): Prelim Earthquake Report —
(mapache): Earthquake!
(ebarrera): A moderate earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, October 30, 2007.
The magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of …
(qubitsu): earthquake
(bfernald): 37.432N 121.776W 5.6 Quake
(borourke): @jahnnie close. lower haight. pretty mellow quake here.
(jdlasica): Yep, felt the quake here in the East Bay. Biggest I’ve felt in a couple of years. map:
(ericgonzalez): Earthquake info (thanks Chris Messina)
(junyu): Security told me the earthquake [smile] They said it shocked a lot.
(alexfalk): My first Bay-Area earthquake was sometime in 1986. Not a 5.6, iirc, but still moved furniture across the room over several seconds time…
(ryryryry): 5.6 quake about 9 miles from here. Wow. Art is crooked and mirror fell. No damage.
(koberoi): Earthquake!! We are all fine.
(adinges): holy earthquake……..5.6 mag!!!!!
(mightyj): Just experienced a 5.6 quake centered a few miles from me. The group of us working late spent the last 10 minutes in the parking lot.
(xirzec): The quake itself:
(jasonw22): The quake made a skunk scent next to our house. pew!
(yz4now): Earthquake!
(cgerrish): Earthquake reported as 5.6 centered in the South Bay. So far no reports of any major damage.
(WiredPig): looks like the quake gave twitter a start… shes running a tad behind
(Myles): Yay, Connor and Erin’s first earthquake
(cynthiacloskey): Earthquake was in Fremont. My sister is on the other side of the Bay, near where Candlestick Park is/was. She’s fine.
(thomashan): listening to sirens going on around Cupertino after the 5.6 earthquake we just had
(marianne_m): holy crap! what i felt earlier today was like a pre-quiver earthquake
(nicoles): Scary places to be in an earthquake, part 1: Kink Dungeon, hello chandeliers!
(lindner): 2nd biggest earthquake since arriving in SF…
(gabster): earthquake!
briansolis: The magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km (5 miles) NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(technosailor): TV is irrelevant. 11pm news on. No mention of breaking news about quake. Twitter is where it’s at
(LauraB): earthquake!
(clunkclunk): Wow, the quake was about 10 miles away from me
(jufemaiz): I’m amazed at the speed of news regarding an earthquake via twitter. Hasn’t hit the local news in Aus yet
(blackdotdigital): was there an earthquake in san fran ?
(gwachob): this is a moderate earthquake
(erewhon): @spin talk about newsriver. earthquake twittered, USGS has the deets, doesn’t even having “breaking news” yet
(spin): i think it was a rolling quake, but it was long down here. I’m not far from the epicenter… KevinMarks might be closer @ home
(SarahM): Missed YAE (yet another earthquake)
(fyrfli): @marinamartin earthquake? where? don’t say cali … they’ve had enough this year!
(mordecai): amazing how instantly news travels. @emilychang twittered ‘crap. huge earthquake’ 5 minutes ago
(mukund): #quake Whoa
(thescottishguy): 5.6 earthquake just hit the bay area. No worries. All good as far as I know
(ibod8x5): We just had a 5.5 earthquake!
(mukund): #quake 5.6 near Alum rock in sAn Jose
(petewootton): Hope all you San Jose peeps are alright from that quake!
(ramseym): Wow, lots of twitters coming in RE: Cali earthquake. I hope everyone is ok.
(kentbye): I just felt my very first earthquake aftershock all the way up in Fairfax at around 8:08 p.m. or so. Very subtle, but heard a rumble too.
(Viss): San francisco folks check in! I heard there was a 5.6 earthquake!
(NickStarr): Damn my first earthquake and I didn’t even feel/notice a thing.
(kevinmarks): Rosie said “that was a 5.6 earthquake” USGS agrees:
hotdogsladies: Yoinks. 5.6?
dom: Earthquake was a 5.6 near San Jose – about 5.7 miles down. Http://
(tracyshaun): Felt the quake up here in Marin too – compusa ceiling rattled and rattled and rattled
(johnm): Ouch, my first Silicon Valley earthquake. Or was that the bubble bursting?
(wcrosby): I didn’t even feel the earthquake and the epicenter was closer to san mateo than sf
(MarinaMartin): I love Twitter. In two minutes I can hear about an earthquake, check on all my friends, and go about my business.
JasonCalacanis: Mahalo Daily trailer is up!
(ErnieAtLYD): 5.6 Earthquake was centered 7 miles from my parents. They’re freaking out and calling a lot but otherwise ok. I felt it less.
(scoi007): felt my first earthquake just now. kind of exciting. nothing fell and the huge lights above my head did not crush me into pulp.
(spin): Kids were momentarily like WTF, all fine, back to XBOX. (we had earthquake weather yesterday)
(cbelier): Watching all the tweets come in about the 5.6 earthquake in the San Francisco area.
davewiner: i felt the quake, everything’s okay here, nothing broken, that i know of
(tobiaspeggs): Wow. Big quake just ripped through sf. Our aprtmt shook like crazy. Wow.
(garyvee): who needs news I got 5 AIM’s and twitter to tell me about QUAKE 2.0
(mikemm0): Omg earthquake asdf ahhhhhh
(jlbrainard): 5.6 quake hits south bay. Wow, hardcore!
(enochchoi): in awe of how much a 5.6 quake feels like the house had a train bumping along beside it…
(t0fu): 5.1 earthquake in san jose, could feel it all the way here
(DixieGirl): Holy crap, we just had an earthquake!
nick: Dear fucking everyone: If you’ve lived in the area more than half a year, don’t IM me every time your house shakes.
(steerwasher): Just had an earthquake.
(LazybonesMcGee): During the earthquake my cat got up off the couch and parked herself in the doorway. I’m serious. A true California native.
(drewmcmanus): Earthquake!
(AdamRugel): i said earthquake and blaine and maureen thought i was nuts!
(guder): Ok earthquake is officially 5.6
(mollywood): Hubby: “You feel that!?” Me: “No, you crazy.” Boom, 5.6 earthquake near San Jose. Me crazy, apparently.
(paulschreiber): yes, i felt the quake too!
(saxchik): that wasn’t a quake, that was all the crap that came crashing down when i went to clean out the linen closet.
(blankbaby): enjoys living in a place were the earth rarely doth quake. Hope everyone is ok!
(darsara): whoa! earthquake!
(csm): I like how the reaction to an earthquake is “I must twitter this.”
(arielwaldman): My conversation with friend back in KC (re: earthquake): was pretty long, and the whole house shook… and then everyone twittered it.
(pinatubo2000): Don’t know if that was an earthquake of a semi driving by
(johnpierre): Earthquake! I would have twittered earlyer but I was to busy going weeeeee!
(akearns): @il2007 5.6 earthquake
(GrammarGirl): USG says the quake was a 5.6 just outside of San Jose, CA:
(skyzyx): #earthquake apparently this was on the “hayward fault”.
(jeremys): Earthquake?
(akshayjava): BTW this was the first earthquake I have felt. I was always sleeping through the ones before [nose tongue]
(msjeanneb): We just had an earthquake!
(billpalmer): waiting for the people back home in Florida to call me here in LA and ask if I made it through the SF earthquake okay
(jonhall): I’m being told earthquake will not stop trick or treating tomorrow!
missrogue: Screenshotting the twitterquake.
(dan_mcweeney): @kurtbrockett: Yea got that — never had to google for earthquake info before!
(alangutierrez): More information on quake via @kristiewells .
(gwachob): quake track on twitter is kinda like everyone in a big room shouting out loud to everyone who might listen
(mlwhall): Earthquake — definitely felt it here in Napa
(alexfalk): I kinda wanna go play any version of Quake now.
(abiteofsanity): Earthquake hits California, and CNN is talking about Britney again… bloody perfect.
(frogrob): Yes, i did feel the 5.6 earthquake just a little bit ago.
(lbmixpro): Barely noticed the earthquake.
(BreakingNewsOn): The San Francisco Bay Area in California was struck by a strong 5.6 earthquake about 14 minutes ago; FULL COVERAGE at
(MetaGrrrl): @george08, when you think “that IS an earthquake and it’s still going”.
(Leftsider): didn’t feel the earthquake. Knowing all about it tho.
(rangercraig): wow – good sized earthquake (not real big, but the biggest i’ve felt since ’89) – lasted about 15 seconds – did you feel it nick starr
(JPhilipson): Crazy, just got off the phone with a friend from San Jose. Two minutes later Twitter goes nuts with Earthquake in San Francisco and San …
(panigirl): completely missed the earthquake … but trilo felt it
(alanc): Earthquake!
davewiner: wow, 5.6 is not a teeny quake, it scared the bejesus out of me, i was on the phone getting the scoop on google’s big earthquake on thursday.
(Aubs): Ok, Lila gets another treat for her sixth ‘doggie’ sense. I’ve STILL only felt one quake due to her “take me outside” diligence.
(webmink): M5.6 earthquake near San Jose, I gather:
(natekoechley): Earthquake about 50miles SSE of SF and still a good jolt up here. 5.6
(tippyjackson): that was the first time I’ve felt an earthquake in 18 years.
davewiner: none of the local tv stations have coverage
(Xapa): earthquake in San Fran
(kevinmarks): report how you felt the quake here:
(lukeman): @rictic Did you feel the earthquake? If so, I’m even more jealous.
(sorrydad): sweet earthquake action
(sly48): @cmak Birthday earthquake!
(jeromec): just had a 5.6 earthquake (located in San Jose), nice little shake
(hitsman): The huge earthquake near San Jose was only 5.6. Just wait for 7.0!
(duncan): Whoa! Earthquake in the bay area.
loiclemeur: The earthquake was 5.6 on richter scale
(Adora): hearing reports that the SF earthquake was 5.6 and lasted 15-20 seconds. Hope you guys are ok, socal can certainly sympathize! hugs
(gwachob): ok, quake over, back to normal programming
(pdxsocialmedia): The earthquake was located on the Calaveras Fault.
(whitneyrae): Earthquake oh man!
(tehjim): It’s weird to see eleventy billion tweets come out of California simultaneously about the earthquake half a second after it happened.
(tyfn): Observing my first twitterquake (track earthquake and track quake). Thanks @factoryjoe
(ralphdagza): Earthquake? Where?
(clith): Quake intensity:
(ashnod): sfearthquakes++ Earthquake is rocking’ the Twitterverse!
(Janvi): Holy crap, that was a big earthquake.
(alexdesigns): SF really just have earthquake?
(LenEdgerly): TNN (Twitter News Network) has earthquake report before I can find a trace of it anywhere else.
(timbray): 5.6 Earthquake in the valey
(jimgoldstein): @ds1029 looks like the quake was closer to you. Hope the freeways are ok or else traffic will be a bitch tomorrow.
(giselle): Whoa! Just had our first earthquake out here. Took me a second to realize what was going on.
(pinarozger): Just lived through a 5.6 earthquake at Kat and Chris’s place. Thank god we were under the influence of the the lovely Sangiovese.
(BenReubenstein): @kevnull @buzz @bobspace wild on the scenes quake reporting.
(eve11): During quake housemate’s watching a TV special on animals’ sixth sense (not that I’d use term) to escape earthquakes, tsunamis & disasters.
(GraceD): Santa Cruz earthquake check-in: Hubs felt it, I was driving home. Rocked the Cruz, no rolling. Hubs ready to evacuate w/antique watches.
(nicebobs): first earthquake since moving back to cali!
(skyzyx): #earthquake listen to live, local SF earthquake news at
(unsaturated): woah, that was an earthquake! I thought it was just my stupid neighbors…
(bobbyboi): snap quake news travels fast
(gwachob): DAMMIT, earthquake interrupted my viewing of “Heros”
(gwachob): DAMMIT, earthquake interrupted my viewing of “Heroes”
(akearns): 15 km from San Jose city hall @il2007 5.6 earthquake I felt it
(alexisg): Beaumont knew the earthquake was coming before I did. He started howling in anticipation.
(zoho): Did anyone feel the quake in bay area?
(atlvspdx): quake in SF…wonder how the huf crew feels
(gort581): beats,, and to earthquake news and usgs link…
(johnpastor): Local NBC affiliate doing a special report on the earthquake.
chrispirillo: Surprise Guest in latest episode of 7th Son:
(vasta): 5.6? That’s quite the quake. Hope everyone is okay.
(mdove): I hear there was a nice sized earthquake….
(jpanzer): Nice earthquake.
(amandica): We had an earthquake! YAYYYYYYYYY!
(NatalieHG): First earthquake! 5.6
(beltzner): Hoping all my friends in California had fun with that 5.6 magnitude quake!
(iC): 5.6 calverias earthquake – i felt nothing
(holly_adams): Lovn the earthquake over drinks — Ross: not believing in subtle senses, ho
(geraldinelemeur): My fist earthquake in SF … [frown]
(netZoo): Wow. Twitterstorm of quake reax is intense. Sms / twitter ftw. The AP should track ‘quake’ for immediate quotes
(rizzn): Twitter is just about done racing past on the earthquake thing. Posted up to Mashable.
(mroth): Most damaged by earthquake? Twitter’s servers, when probably 90% of the Bay Area centric userbase posted an update nearly simultaneously.
(MarinaMartin): @fyrfli In San Francisco, San Jose specifically … 5.6. The fires are in southern California, earthquake northern, sounds like all are ok
(michaelg): The quake was pretty strong in San Jose
briansolis: In-n-Out burger time
(jimgoldstein): @davewiner ABC 7 ran coverage at a break 5 minutes after. They said no damage reported updates if any news breaks on the quake.
(danielsoneg): @MarinaMartin – Where’d you get the earthquake update?
(sockpr0n): earthquake scared my son to sleep (about 40 mi away, 5.6 mag)
(raygun01): 5.6 quake! Had to brace ourselves for that one!
(edwinv): I just felt an earthquake.
(toddsampson): In other news, Twitter earthquake news beats the AP by 7 minutes w/ tons more detail: Welcome to the future.
(ceonyc): Twitter abuzz with earthquake news before CNN… I’d suggest tracking “earthquake”
(drewmcmanus): Long quake!
(Akula): I don’t see anything about the quake on MSNBC either.
(gwachob): if this quake was like Loma Prieta, then we could use twitter for grassroots news gathering and distribution:
(thefoo): wow i learn of an earthquake on twitter? nothing on tv about it
(binderodaemons): Vy felt the quake, I did not, and I was only a couple hundred feet away
(chacal_lachaise): @tirana, @hotdogsladies, @ross : hang in there guys. wow quake tweets!
(ramcosca): I was thinking “what the heck is the big thing @Veronica said?”… 5.6 earthquake! I hope everyone’s allright (@acedtech, @mollywood?)
(Mrs_Bobcat): That was … interesting. What does it say that it took me a few seconds to realize it was an earthquake, not my kids running in the house?
(adinges): choover and adinges survived the quake with doorway-standing skills…..kittens were a little frazzled
(trilobyte): wishing for another earthquake just like the last one
(Spinopsys): Fritz has a blog post up on the quake Twitter plus blogs beat MSM
(CraigB): Robert Goulet was killed in an earthquake?
(BimmerTech): Oy! a 5.6 earthquake NNE of Alum Rock, CA
(Menta): The earthquake was a 5.6 centered in milpitas
(WiredPig): looks like the quake bumped twitter back to a 5-8 min delay
(aqualung): quake map:
(CajunTechie): Everyone okay after the quake?
(serdar): CNN, NYT have nothing on the quake whilst it’s all over Twitter.
(shashib): Amazing – I have not seen the Earthquake story yet on CNN or in any Google news site
(Aubs): PS: Lila is now laying on the floor, chilling. I think we’re clear for the night. (I should start an earthquake detection side business.)
(superphly): #quake 5.6 here it goes!!!
davewiner: Here’s the USGS page on the quake.
(JPhilipson): tracking earthquake on twitter. everyone and their mother talking about it in the bay area
(spin): AlumRock/Milpitas, that’s the Calaveras faultline? BTW you can follow a quake fault that cuts through Fremont (Hayward)
(earthdog): The twitter I sent right after I felt the earthquake got dropped by Verizon. I would have been early! Damn
(rizzn): Earthquake first notes available at
(digitalhobbit): Nice little earthquake… Hadn’t felt one for 5 years or so. Almost forgot that we live in California.
Techmeme: Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday (Michael Arrington/TechCrunch)
(alexdc): earthquake in the West, tropical storm in the East
(susanreynolds): @technosailor my husband the non-tweeter scoffs re earthquake reports “but it’s not on the news” Pfft Well duh that’s my point!
(Kitler): How out of it am I today? “What earthquake?”
(nibshane): Talking with friends about the 5.6 earthquake in San Fran. Some felt it, some didn’t.
(eventualbuddha): “is that an earthquake?” “no, I think it’s my roommate coming down the… oh wait, yep, it’s an earthquake”
(Illig): Twitter/Truemors: I read of the Bay area quake about 4 minutes after it happened. Twitter/Tweets: 3 mins. later I read peoples reactions.
(BRISKUSMC): @uiss From: 40404 Msg: GrammarGirl: USG says the quake was a 5.6 just outside of San Jose, CA:
(EC): wow, somehow, i completely missed the quake.
(nadjarobot): That was a really long earthquake…
(reechard): A moderate earthquake occurred at 8:04:54 PM (PDT) on October 30, 2007.
A magnitude 5.6 event occurred 8 km NNE of Alum Rock, CA.
(AndreCharland): SF folks are twittering like crazy about the 5.6 quake down there…I’m just adding to the noise. LOUD NOISES!
(jonwiley): I just missed my first earthquake by ten thousand miles. But Diana didn’t and she called to say that Harriet is hiding in a corner.
JasonCalacanis: 38 people signed up for blogger dimsum on Thursday night in NYC!! dang… where we gonna find a place that can fit 40!?!?
(doctorlinguist): receiving earthquake reports from @anocelot (and indirectly @spiritusvult).
(skyzyx): #earthquake epicenter at Alum Rock Rd. in north San Jose, CA. That’s just over a 1.5 hour drive away from me.
davewiner: Google map location of the quake.
(abacab): Nice, @johnm !: “Ouch, my first Silicon Valley earthquake. Or was that the bubble bursting?”
(thenameish): I’d rather be bored to death than to see earthquake after fire. (LATimes: 5.6 earthquake hits in mountains east of San Jose)
(cbasturea): Hoping that all my friends in California are OK after the earthquake.
(echeng): Bill tells me there was a 5.x earthquake in San Jose just now! Someone tell me details!
(donohoe): Speaking of Hell – it has the occasional magnitude 5.6 earthquake
(adinardi): There was an earthquake in the Bay Area tonight — great…
(matthewlock): The fact that my house shook that much when the earthquake was 50 miles away is a little bit worrying.
(kurrik): I can has earthquake? How did I miss this?
(teampoop): @cindyli I slept through my first earthquake.. Unfortunately it was during math class, so I got extra yelled at
(nothatwasyou): that was the worst earthquake i’ve ever felt.
(spaceguy): Friend in Bay Area IM’d about 5.6 quake a few min ago.
(kristi7): best part about experiencing the earthquake at the office: Mayank under the ping pong table ; )
(pbump): Of course, once I move away, there’s a decent sized earthquake in San Jose.-
(garbear): (8:05:07 PM) woah
(8:05:08 PM) earthquake
(8:05:20 PM) pretty big
(8:05:22 PM) shaking still
(8:05:26 PM) holy shit!
(tfaz1): Earthquake.
(lsshanks): If you didn’t hear, 5.6 earthquake in S.F. Bay area about half hour ago.
(bobpage): we felt the earthquake here in santa cruz too. usgs says 5.6
(jimgoldstein): Back to work… enough quake excitement for now
(ijohnpederson): 7 tweets in 20 minutes re: San Fran earthquake. TV still talking about “mule museums” and wasting our tax money.
(Britneymason): Just had earthquake here 5.6.. been trying to twitter from phone.. system is not working well
(lmorchard): And here I thought the earthquake was the Great Pumpkin rising out of the pumpkin patch
(maidelba): 5.6 earthquake! Shook my apartment
(Tracy27): Biggest quake I’ve felt so far in CA. I’m starting to seriously ponder why I live in a house that’s half glass.
(opregaje): I just had my earthquake cherry popped.
Ross: explaining earthquake safety to several non-natives at once. keep it together. keep it together. keep it together (and otherwise enjoy it)
(thewesterly): oh em gee my first earthquake
(topicm): wow, that is a big earthquake…California really doesn’t need any more natural disasters
mintigal: Any damage report it to Kron4 News
(vaccine): Magnitude 5.6 quake
(TedC): Cnn coverage of the quake on now
(natala): 5.6 earthquake in san jose. All is good with fam. Twitter continues to be the best source of earthquake news.
(grittysweet): I was just in the shower when a big 5.6 earthquake hit and I didn’t feel a damned thing! UNBELIEVABLE.
(michaelrice): Looks like earthquake in the valley, hopefully won’t come here… my house is built on sand
(stilldavid): man, I’m always the last to know about these things … 5.6 earthquake a few miles from San Jose
(ramseym): Magnitude map of the 5.6 earth quake in Cali: Also, Mashable already has blog post:
(berecruited): Earthquake…. Manny not excited
(jessicagold): Hope everyone is OK re: the SF earthquake.
(PaulBHartzog): hoping the SF quake wasn’t too harmful…
(me3dia): watching NoCal friends report the earthquake on twitter.
(Ade_B): oooo, we just had a mini earthquake – too bad I was in the Mustang at the time, so didnt feel it too much [slant]
(adammathes): OMG let’s all discuss how the earthquake made us feel. And how my twittering about the earthquake made us feel. 140 characters or less. Go.
(elosf): earthquake! 5.6 (803pm Pacific time) felt here
(chromatic): Dear twitter, earthquake. San francisco. W00t.
(raygun01): is being completely slammed by quake-aholics right now.
(drmaryannbell): Yes to quake just announced in meeting
(jazzydee): CA earthquake on twitter but not on
(agenthandy): all ok ty! earthquake info: earthquake 5.6, 15km from San Jose City Hall:
(jboutelle): That was a little scary! I guess I’m an earthquake wimp…
(shiflett): I hope everyone in SF is safe. On a related note, the Twitter tracking post uses “earthquake” as an example:
(helvector): 5.6 earthquake centered near san jose
(Dan_): Twitter really is an instant community. I’m 10,000 kilometers east and I knew about the ‘quake instantly. Truely amazing!
(johnmccrea): was that an earthquake or the trumpets of the open social web shaking the Facebook’s walled garden?
(LPT): I love twitter. Sitting here watching the news on TV, but getting CA quake news on Twitter.
(MrBabyMan): Earthquake?! Is that what that was? I felt that here in L.A.!
(abacab): Quake [YOUR AD HERE!] Quake
(FriedNerds): Wow! 5.6 Earthquake in SF!
(mrn): Big 5.6 quake near Milpitas which is why everyone from SF to Santa Cruz is twittering about it.
(mashable): California Quake: Twitter First, Take Cover Later ( )
(twid): Preparing for the lj/twitter/facebook earthquake message avalanche
(Kalli): Fascinating to hear of an earthquake in Cali on Twitter, surf to BBC and LA Times and find nothing. Glad that most of you seem OK.
(vruz): about the earthquake, is everybody safe ?
(akearns): yeah twitter has earthquake info first still nothing in tv or google news
(JoshStaiger): Just felt my first California earthquake.
(tndaisy1960): @abiteofsanity The biggest event in this house tonight was that the dog burped. No quake here.
(IndustryGirl): Wow, SF peeps – that was a 5.6! I’ve never been in a quake over a 4.
(gwachob): 5.6 Earthquake – its the Bay Area saying welcome to the recent bay area immigrants [wink]
(gort581): Google is fast: has links to usgs and people blogging about tweeting about the ‘quake in search results already.
(charltonb): Hoping the SF Bay Area earthquake did not incur any significant damage….
(tastybit): Dude, I missed the quake?! How big?
(dbldbl): 8:04p PDT a 5.6 earthquake centered itself in Milpitas, CA
(WillHughes): Hrm, quake missed Scoble’s place by ~30 miles.
(nomadicoder): Earthquake felt pretty strong here in Marina. Shaking lasted a good 20 seconds.
(iC): 5.6 Calaveras earthquake – driving on 101 – I felt nothing
ev: Wondering if @cw designed mobile greader with the thought that people will be less annoyed at him when he’s late if they can read blogs
(Aubreym): shakes, rattles and rolls with the earthquake. But man – my TiVo of ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ is all interrupty with news now
(mfriesen): Shocked that @mattmansfield hasn’t Twittered the earthquake in his back yard. Y’all right, homes?
(qubitsu): @jeffrehl yes, definitely–should’ve qualified, quake originated quite a ways south of here
(Rabourn): Thx to twitter, with the BBC headlines and CA peeps to yell quake when there is one, I don’t need to watch the news anymore
(robey): Oh man apparently there was a quake and I didn’t even feel it
(Djafet): Damn. All kinds of shit about an earthquake on the public timeline
(rashmi): that earthquake felt pretty strong. twitter is all over it
(overexposed): is it bad if I wanted it to last longer (the earthquake, that is)?
(kitchen): @toddsampson hahaha yea. “track earthquake” is INSANE right now [grin]
(blindoctorswife): Just talking to a HAL flt w/ a scratchy radio through a 5.0 earthquake. Epicenter was at 3743n/12178w. I’m at 3742n/12157w. -
(swhitley): Quake was a roller, not a shaker. It seemed to last a little longer, but no biggie here in the East Bay. Now back to Charlie Brown…
(caol_kailash): @loiclemeur missed your first earthquake. Lucky meetings in Boston
(drewcipher): Did not feel the quake. Nobody else here did either.
(cbarrett): Psh, what’s all the excitement? I’ve slept through a 6.7 earthquake, and this one just felt fun. Though I grew up on (dormant) volcano. YMMV
(allib): apparently it was a 5.6 earthquake. that’s how we roll.
(charholly9): I hope everyone ner the quake is alright
(HappyFunTime): @tbridge odd, earthquake watch still only has several 2.9s in CA
(CourtneyWatson): @archphoenix nothing about the quake is on MSNBC yet.
(clith): What do hashtags like #quake do? Hmm.. must Google. (glad the quake wasn’t too bad for anyone)
(andrewbarnett): @joyent what risk does a larger quake pose to shared servers and accelerators? what contingency plans?
(Mickeleh): … hmmm. couldn’t get through to Google. Earthquake related? Traffic spike?
(TedC): @loiclemeur – quake gives new meaning to the name Seesmic…. eh?
(danf): Wondering how much of a Twitter delay there is after the Twitter quake. This was sent at 22:35:50 CDT.
(Beaker): Quake in NorCal. Oh, wait, I live in New England now. Back to my cereal and UFC Fight Night on DVR. Call if you need anything.
(vruz): the earthquake is still not on CNN
(ninotchkab): quake in Cali. zoiks!
(aliane88): we had an earthquake?
(twelvetones): 15 months later and I finally feel my first earthquake
(nicolelee): Didn’t feel the quake at all; was in BART the whole time. Damn!
(Grumman): I heard about the earthquake here first
(krissy): Not wise to track “earthquake” on twitter.. Nearly killed me iPhone.
(nadyne): earthquake!
(superg): earthquake!
(karlyn): @infodiva you ok? heard there was an earthquake there.
(cgyh): was doing reflective listening to China while rolling earthquake. I kept on doing my reflective listening.
(mithra): That was my first California earthquake!
(stoleto): earthquake!
(CoreyDotCom): Damn that sucked! 5.6 earthquake (per usgs) south of San Francisco. I’m on the 17th floor of a high rise (top floor) and we were rocking!
(xianrenaud): Hoping all my SV friends are enjoying the quake. Better than tornados, I tell ya….
Scobleizer: am in sf at hugh dinner. We did not feel quake but scared maryam at home
(peaness): Got up just before the earthquake, talk about peachy timing. Now what?
(craigeg): 5.6 earthquake just now, i am a survivor!
(miyukijane): omg earthquake! hayward fault’s been due for a big one.
(onepinktee): Joe says nothing on IRIS about the quake yet — Twitter is faster!
(crazy_vag): Weeee… A fatty 5.6 earthquake.
(geekparrot): Felt the quake at 8pm.
factoryjoe: First MSM coverage: #quake #earthquake
(Sakurina): I love how all but two of the tweets in the last half hour were about the 5.6 earthquake in SF.
(jenleo): san jose had a 5.6 earthquake. I’m inSF and didn’t feel it.
(kidmarmite): George Bush caused the earth quake. He pushed the “gates of hell” button on his weather machine.
(stephliu): hmm, apparently there was an earthquake. Was in the car though, so just thought the car was stalling weird.
(malidragon): pownced: wow.. that was a good sized earthquake. I’d say a little over 5.0?
Scobleizer: Phoned-in TwitterGram
(SusanBratton): The 5.6 earthquake rolled my house around. Exciting. Scary. Worried there will be more and I’m not done putting all my best photos in 1 box.
(Sofia): did the twitter tracker go down? maybe it was not earthquake proof
(Salmanazar): 5.6 quake …. No biggie… Could be the prelude to a big one…. I’m not scared though. My wine is protected
(CodeMonkeyGirl): There would be a storm and an earthquake in the same week after I leave.
(jaydedman): just lived through my first earthquake as well. a good 5 seconds long. center was right down the road.
(treeswing): The first earthquake I’ve felt in years and not a single aftershock. Thanks for nothing Armageddon!
(ChrisWeiss): @dkb – send “track quake” to twitter for an interesting thread
(bgreenlee): Bummed that I somehow didn’t feel the earthquake. Was in the gym at the time.
(underpope): I didn’t feel any quake. Of course, I’m about 130 miles away from the epicenter.
(richardescobedo): what’s this I hear about a 5.6 earthquake?? pshaw… I miss laguna hills. My dad just had to retire from the marine corps.
(jaysonl): 5.6 earthquake just hit less than 10 miles away. WHEEE!
(Twitster): Sitting with Bob reading the Earthquake Twitters….
(GraceD): Knee high Uggs must be the best earthquake shoes. Sheepskin protects from glass, rubber textured soles can make tracks & they’re cozy.
twitter’s new status message – Twitter Me! (send HELP for more info) 8:45 PM
twitter: (spin): last major quake was uhh 1989, world series quake Giants vs. A’s, bridge collapse, freeways etc
(semidi): Minutes after Biz sent a tweet about the earthquake, Mashable is on the scene: )
(rizzn): unfollow earthquake
(miyagawa): back home, didn’t feel the earthquake since I was walking …
(susanreynolds): At least @BreakingNewsOn announced the quake. Still nothing from ABC in DC. Dofuses
(bridgetstewart): thanks to twitterers, i knew to call my sister to see if the earthquake affected her. happy to report, everything is fine.
mintigal: @briancadwell how close r u 2 Alum Rock
davewiner: in berkeley, the quake started very slowly, then everything was shaking. finished the phone call outside on the front steps.
(davidjacobs): @spin: yeah, i was in Los Altos for that 1989 quake. Now that was a rock and roller. I’ll never forget that
(timburks): obligatory post-earthquake tweet.
(Dan_): @echeng: Check this for the info on SF/SJ area quake:
(rizzn): Unfollowing the earthquake and going back to work

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